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@benandjerry's #FreeConeDay at the flagship Burlington Vermont #btv shop (where they began). 30 minute wait
#tbt Pre Colchester VT fireworks 2012 of me & @jl_ryan Taken by @sburlington6
#Latergram Tools and tricks of the #BTV #IceCarving trade: chainsaws, blowtorch, iron, chisels, & a level #IGVermont #IGNewEngland #VermontbyVermonters #GreenMountainState #Aviary #AviaryPhotoEditor
Lowes is really getting kind of crude... Went by to look for a heater, & saw a Booty rub, Rub some butt, and Bone sucking sauce. #crudehumor #productnamefail
#Latergram of #BTV #BelowZeroWeather dashboard frost. #IGVermont #IGNewEngland #VermontbyVermonters #GreenMountainState #Photooftheday #Aviary #AviaryPhotoEditor
Visiting the #BTV #igloo, made from ice from #VTIce13 #VTIce2013
#Latergram of Frozen hummingbird in our #btv front yard, #VTIce2013 #VTIce13
Selfie... #shopchurchstreet
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Yeah, due to some last minute saving maneuvers by some wonderful UVM students, a few events have been saved from the chopping block. My favorite is the ice sculptures.
Click this link for some video footage I took of last year’s sculptures, near the ECHO center.
Hosting courtesy of Hello Burlington.

Thankfully this year, the sculptures will be on the Church St. marketplace, as you can hear in the video, the wind off the lake can be quite chilling.

Here’s the synopsis of the Festival:

Friday, February 8 – Sunday, February 10
The Burlington Winter Festival is back for its 15th year, bigger and better than ever, with events on the Waterfront AND on the Church Street Marketplace! Marketplace activities include Vermont’s own sanctioned snow sculpture competition and the Ice Walk, featuring fabulous carvings by seasoned and professional ice sculptures in front of select businesses. Stroll by the wonderful exhibits, vote on your favorite snow sculpture, and you’ll automatically be entered in a raffle with prizes from local stores and the University Vermont! Waterfront activities include the Kids VT Family Expo at ECHO at the Leahy Center, and the 12th Penguin Plunge. Come enjoy this fun and dynamic winter celebration. The festival is sponsored by the University of Vermont’s Department of Community Development and Applied Economics, Chittenden Bank, Burlington Parks & Recreation, the Church Street Marketplace, 95 Triple X and WVMT.
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