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In the midst of all the political campaigns this time of year, I Just thought I’d mention that our local Libertarian candidates are getting press coverage!:

  • VPR Switchboard 10/19: Thurs., Oct. 19 at 7 p.m.: Minor Political Parties
    Most of the attention this election season is on Vermont’s major party candidates. But those aren’t the only names you’ll see on your November ballot. Bob Kinzel talks with representatives from the Green Party and the Libertarian Party.
    (Mp3 version available for download by VPR, the 2nd half is Libertarian party candidates.)
  • From Cathy Resmer’s 802 Online:
  • Also, on Wednesday, 10/18 during Shay Totten’s Vermont Guardian segment on the Charlie & Ernie Show, it was mentioned that minor party candidates (like Libertarians) are beating the major party candidates to the punch in answering the Vermont Guardian‘s ongoing political survey

As our state chair, Hardy Machia mentioned in his VPR interview, we currently have 15 candidates running for state and local offices this year. To view our state house candidates, visit: 2006 Vermont Libertarian Candidates on VTLP.org

Also, we do have 2 Libertarians running here in the Queen City, Rob Bussiere, and Johnathan Stauffer are both running for Justice of the Peace under the Libertarian banner.

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