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@benandjerry's #FreeConeDay at the flagship Burlington Vermont #btv shop (where they began). 30 minute wait
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Lowes is really getting kind of crude... Went by to look for a heater, & saw a Booty rub, Rub some butt, and Bone sucking sauce. #crudehumor #productnamefail
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Visiting the #BTV #igloo, made from ice from #VTIce13 #VTIce2013
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Not all the Vermont TV campaign ads are about Sanders, Tarrant, Rainville, or Welch… as you just may see a unique candidate; From PayAttention.org, may I present Tacky Ceramic Rooster!

Yup, last blog entry from the candidate on the campaign trail was right here in Burlington!

Tacky Ceramic Rooster Credited For Pottery Surge
BURLINGTON, Vt. – According to pottery enthusiasts across the country, enrollment for pottery classes is at an all time high. Many believe Tacky Ceramic Rooster is responsible for the crowded classrooms. “Tacky Ceramic Rooster has sparked an interest in people who have overlooked ceramics in the past. He has brought passion to this quiet art form.” Pottery instructor Lindsay Gangle couldn’t be happier. “Thank you, Tacky Ceramic Rooster. Thanks for making ceramics mainstream.”

Yes, PayAttention is actually airing commercials (in parnership with the AdCouncil) regarding paying attention to campaign ads. Here’s their explanation:

If you’re not voting, then who are you electing?
Truth is, you affect the outcome of the midterm elections whether you vote or not. If you don’t it will translate into one more for someone else. And that someone else may have the leadership skills of oh, lets say a bag of leaves, or a tacky ceramic rooster. Moral of the story? Get involved. Get informed. Pay Attention. And vote.

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One Response to A new unique candidate with a TV ad…

  • Finally, someone I can vote for!

    “If you don’t it will translate into one more for someone else”

    I never liked that logic. If I don’t vote, then it will translate into one less vote for any candidate. Not one more for one particular candidate.

    Good to see you back online!

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